Baseball Field Maintenance

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There is high expectation by the baseball player’s well maintained infields. There are several machines and field equipment necessary to ensure proper grooming of the baseball field excellent condition. The essential works might vary from simple maintenance after a match to more thorough and extensive maintenance and conditioning and sometimes a complete renovation of the field. The type of work will hence determine the choice of equipment.


A drag is a common field maintenance machine. It’s used for smoothening of skinned areas of infield.  There are several models of drags available. The common ones are steel, nail, and cocoa mat. Steel mesh is used in building some drags. The drags made from cocoa mats are used for finishing the field. The smooth appearance is imposed by the natural fiber. The skinned areas of the field can be loosed or scarify by using a nail drag. There are many types of nail drags available from most equipment retailers of baseball wares. However it’s easy to construct a simple nail drag and save on costs.

The drag is pulled either when attached on the back of the vehicle or by hand. While looking for motorized baseball field maintenance equipment you can choose one that has dragging equipment installed.


There are several uses for tarps in the field maintenance. The common one is rain protection to the field and moisture retention in the home areas and mound when no one is using the field. It can also be used for turf protection during practice.

It’s important to cover the home plate areas and mound as quickly as possible when it starts raining. It’s suggested to use a plastic cover which is heavy possibly 6mm in thickness or use a nylon cover. If it’s very windy the tarp can get blown away that’s why it’s essential to have it as heavy as possible to keep it grounded. It should also be large enough that it overlaps the grass.

Rakes play a key role in the field. There are several type of rakes as per the purpose. The Garden rake is used in dry areas for deeper raking and for material mixing into the clay. For clays smoothing we use the smoothing board rake. After each game it may be necessary to rake soil and clay from the grass edge. The leaf or fan rake becomes handy in this instance. Plastic rake is the best type of fan rake and metal fans are not recommended. The batter’s box and home plate are used by the catchers and batters needs conditioning after games and practice.  As essential as the batting grip due to baseball gloves so is the good footing necessary to prevent injury from slips. A rake comes in handy to expose the loose material from the batter box. This can then be moisten, tramped and covered by a tapauline.


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